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YouBike™ first cardiovascular exercise bike for disabled

YouBike™ is the world’s first cardiovascular exercise bike specifically designed to be used seated from a wheelchair or on a bed exercising the arms and legs simultaneously.

The hand cranks are connected to the foot cranks via a direct drive belt enabling your arms to exercise your legs in a cyclic manner enabling simultaneous upper and lower body exercise.

Comfort & Power Wheelchair

Make your own Wheel Chair

We offer standard and bespoke wheelchairs, designed to give our clients unparalleled comfort and relief.

With a unique modular and flexible system, the chair is built to suit each individual. Using an extensive series of accessories there is a chair to suit everyone, from elegant manual wheelchairs to fully powered motorized wheelchairs.

We have a library of more than 5000 components available to us in the construction of our wheelchairs, and this number grows on a daily basis. This makes it possible to build a wheelchair customized to an individual’s needs, and then adjust it or add specially developed components as a client’s needs change over time.

Our wheelchairs include features to ease common problems for clients such as pressure sores and edema in legs and feet, in addition to providing excellent seating comfort.

We continually invest in research and development to stay ahead and ensure our wheelchairs provide the best solutions for our clients, incorporating the latest technology available on the market today.

Qimova Manual Wheel Chairs

Complete comfort. Unparalleled tilting, recline and legrest elevation. Designed to fit the exact measurements of any user.

  • 16” transit wheels with puncture proof inset, 8” solid castors
  • Electrical or gas spring-operated posterior and anterior tilt-in-space (-10 to 45 deg.)
  • Electrical or gas spring-operated backrest can be fully reclined or inclined forward (-5 to 75 deg.)
  • Detachable leg rests
  • Fully adjustable calfpads
  • Angle adjustable foot plates
  • Pushing handle
  • Two anti-tippers
  • Pressure-relieving cushion
  • Depth, height and angle adjustable headrest

Qimova Junior Chair

'The Junior Comfort Chair is designed especially for young people, with an effective seat width down to 32 cm and seat depth down to 38 cm, extra short leg rests and backrest, while offering all the comfort, flexibility and features of our standard wheelchair

  • Adjustable wheel base with 5 color options
  • Manual adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable Centre of gravity
  • Front or Rear wheel drive available in 12”16 or 24” wheels
  • Height adjustable back rest
  • Width and length adjustable seat

Qimova Power chair

Driving with the push of a button + all the comfort, flexibility and features of the standard chair.

  • Gentle driving - easily controlled by user or attendant
  • Controlled by manual joystick - or by headswitches, chin operated joysticks or a range of other master remotes
  • Rear- or front-wheel drive for increased maoeuverablity
  • Powerful Parvalux motor - max. speed 8.5 km/hour

Qimova Paediatric chair

Made for kids + all the comfort, flexibility and features of the standard chair.

  • Seating that fits kids - down to 32 cm effective seat width
  • Backrest down to 40 cm
  • Extra short legrests
  • Manual or power

Qimova Bariatric chair

Extra large + all the comfort, flexibility and features of the standard chair.

  • Comfortably wide seating - up to 60 cm effective seat width
  • Fits tall users with up to 60 cm height of backrest
  • Manual or power
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