Trekinetic GTE (power chair)

The GTE is the first off road and everyday power chair that you can fit into virtually any car. It's also one of the lightest in the world at 36kg all up*

Therefore you don't need to have a converted vehicle in which to transport it. This not only saves significant cost, but offers more lifestyle choices, especially with family and friends.

In late 2010, we launched the obvious (and much requested) development of the K-2 and GT-3, the powered GTE. In developing the GTE, we kept most of the aforementioned machines user friendly features, but added one vital ingredient, namely smoothly transmitted electric power.

Unusually, Trekinetic chose to put the electric motors in the wheel hubs and for very good reason. Much of a power wheelchairs weight is in the motors. With our design, when you remove the quick release wheels you remove much of that weight. That means you're left with the centre tub, which is transformable (foldable) and will fit in the smallest of cars. It's easily liftable for many, at around 15 kg. There is also a handy manual switchover, if you don't need electric power all the time.

Like the original K-2, the GTE is changing not just landscapes that can be traveled over, but the nature of the landscape itself

*See Pricing page to check out Dimensions, Weights, Standard Equipment and Options.

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