Trekinetic K-2 (active manual or attendant)

The K2 is the original Trekinetic and instead of a metal chassis like a traditional medical device wheelchair, it has a light weight carbon fibre Monocoque seat. This offers unprecedented comfort and support, because it is anatomically formed to suit the human shape, not two pieces of fabric.
Also, did you notice that the big propelling wheels are at the front? That's because wheel propulsion is easier, when you push horizontally with your back supported. It's the same principle used by body builders, who find they can lift more weight, lying on their back.

The secondary benefit of having the wheels at the front, is that they simply roll over obstacles more easily. That translates to an everyday machine with amazing off road ability, but without being an impractical off-road chair. Also it's a 3 wheeler, so you always have all wheels touching the ground, regardless of the terrain. As standard it has a patented automatic tilt-in-space seat, combined with a Nitrogen filled shock absorber so you can change the angle of the seat at will. It's useful for when you go up or down hills, or need to climb kerbs. Also standard is a Variable wheel camber system, so users can have the wheels slanted for off road stability, but switch them to vertical so they can get through doorways. Like everything on Trekinetic, it's designed to be quick, easy to use and you don't need any tools.

Finally a revolutionary 2 way Dynamic Braking system is included, so you can maintain your progress with ultimate control.

There is no single physical element on the Trekinetic that is gratuitous. Every component has earned it's place by extensive development and of course, it folds up. Trekinetic believe that the front wheel propelled, 3 wheel Monocoque design is the true template for the 21st century.

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