YouBike™ - Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Bike For Disabled

YouBike™ is the world’s first cardiovascular exercise bike specifically designed to be used for the rehabilitation and physical therapy of the disabled and the handicapped.The bike was originally designed for the rehabilitation of spinal injury patients so they could work out their legs and upper body simultaneously. However YouBike™ can aid in rehabilitation from a number of chronic and temporary diseases.

YouBike's Unique Features

It is a multipurpose exercise bike that:
- can be floor mounted and used with or without a wheelchair OR
- in bed to exercise
- has special optional hand grips for stroke patients

YouBike's Unique Benefits

It is very helpful for people recovering from various diseases and physical conditions like:
- Stroke,
- Multiple Sclerosis,
- Parkinson's,
- Spinal Cord Injuries or temporary injuries and disabilities caused by accidents ‎etc etc..
- Paraplegia
- Obese & Elderly users

YouBike being used by a wheel chair patient

YouBike being used by a bedridden patient

Special Hand Grips for Stroke Patients or Patients with a weak grip

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